Founded in 2015, Guangzhou Mygene Diagnostics Co.,Ltd. (“Mygene ”) is headquartered in Guangzhou International Bio Island, with branches in East China, Central China and North China, and a cutting-edge R&D center in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, USA. Maijing Gene specializes in the research, development, production, promotion and sales of molecular diagnostic products, and is committed to promoting the application of second-generation high-throughput sequencing technology in the field of precision medicine. At present, Maijing Gene has obtained national high-tech enterprise certification and has a third-party medical laboratory in Guangzhou.

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Based on the innovative scientific research spirit and the innovative technology of the industry, Mygene adheres to the customer-oriented service concept and strives to provide the latest and most professional individualized precision treatment guidance for cancer patients. In the future, Mygene will continue to actively promote multi-party cooperation, strengthen the R&D and promotion system, and strive to become an influential company in the field of international genetic testing, contributing to the cause of human health.